Fun Run

The Fun Run is our one HUGE fundraiser. This fundraiser is responsible for raising the majority of the funds we use to pay for ALL of the activities, events, and staff allowances. This fundraiser takes a lot of manpower to be profitable and is a great way to get involved!


Book Fairs

Each year, we run one Scholastic Book Fair at each school. Up to 50% of the proceeds go back to that school's library and media center. Additionally, schools are awarded "Scholastic Dollars" which they can use to purchase supplies for the school or students that range from books to furniture. Book Fair requires a lot of volunteers to allow enough shopping time for ALL of the students. If you love books, this is an excellent way to get involved!


Art Reach

Art Reach is a fun way to bring art into the classroom. If a teacher elects, an Art Reach Docent visits their classroom once a month and teaches the students about a famous piece of art. The students then have an opportunity to create their own masterpiece! Art Reach is always looking for volunteers and is a fun and easy way to be involved!


Field Trips

Did you know that PTO pays for all field trips and transportation to and from field trips for ALL elementary students? This includes Forest Hill Nature Center, Mt. Pleasant Discovery Museum, Impressions 5, Baseball Games, and any other opportunity that our great teachers find! Field trips are exciting and fun supplemental activities for the kids that PTO is proud to fund!


Community and Family Outreach Events

Family and community play a crucial role in the development and success of children. PTO sponsors and coordinates a variety of FREE or low cost community and family outreach events. Some of these events include School Carnivals and Donuts with Grownups. We are constantly working to develop new ideas to get families and the community involved!